Most kids are drinking soda, sports drinks and juice. These drinks promote the obesity epidemic. The Harvard School of Public Health presents some pretty drops-of-water-formattedcompelling information about how beverage consumption has gotten out of control: Sugary Drinks and Obesity Fact Sheet.

So what can you do about it? If you want to get your child off of soda, check out the activity at the end of Colson’s Soda Insanity! video. If soda consumption was a problem for Colson when he was younger, I would find all kinds of ways to make it a toy or experiment and talk about what it does to the body.

This brings us to water. It is simple and really, really cheap! And it promotes health! Changing the family’s primary beverage to water could be a great Slight Edge step toward better health for everyone. Here are some important points on the benefits of drinking water by the CDC: Water & Nutrition.

Finally, when Colson is competing at a fencing tournament, he brings coconut water as a replacement for sports drinks. Here is a great article from Dr. Joseph Mercola about it: 71% of Those Who Drank Coconut Water Lowered Their Blood Pressure.

Drink up!