A bagel for breakfast. Maybe a bowl of cereal, and if I was feeling especially healthy, it would be Cheerio-Os or granola. Lunch – Taco Bell, or maybe some tuna noodle salad if I was motivated. Dinner was a Lean Cuisine. That was my life before marriage. Once I married Ryan, we cooked a bit more, but we didn’t make significant changes. We were happily and comfortably eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). We were still relatively young, and we were working out like fiends, so our crummy food choices didn’t physically show. The SAD diet is a diet with processed, addictive, hyperpalatable foods that seemingly taste great, but these foods make people SICK.

Then Colson came along, and we largely kicked the fast food and processed food to the curb, but we were still a far cry from where we are today when it comes to eating for health. Health crises forced us to do more.

Our world moves fast and many rely on SAD foods for a quick meal. Sluggishness and ultimate illness caused by these foods force people to slow down and lose time at school or work because they are sick. An unbelievable 70 percent of Americans are medicated and 54 percent of our children are chronically ill. This is the modern American normal, and it is projected to get worse.

Americans have grown comfortable with these quick easy food fixes, and we have grown comfortable with being sick. Colson and I recently gave a talk to a Rotary Club. We were warming up the crowd with one-on-one discussions, and folks were quick to point out how healthy their kids were, which was great!

As we gave our talk, though, people could relate to the health challenges we faced (and conquered), and afterwards, a number of people came forward to tell us their kids’ health stories. It was as if they were looking for reassurance that their kids didn’t have to live sick, and one person hugged Colson and said that he helped change their child’s life.

Thinking bigger about health and regaining wellness was our audience’s first step to pushing out of their comfort zones. The next step is making one small Slight Edge change to improve what their families eat. People ask me what I think is the most important food they can change, and I respond that I can’t tell people what they should do, but I do tell them what two of the most impactful changes my family made were:

  1. Add bone broth. You can read more here: The NUMBER ONE FOOD We Added to Our Diet.
  2. Take out sugar. The holiday (and sugar) season is quickly approaching and I will be writing more about that, but here is some starter information for now: No Time for Dogmatism (Most of the Time) and Soda Insanity!

Our greatest growth occurs when we push out of our comfort zone and dare to try new things. It is my contention that if people push out of the Standard American Diet, they will experience growth in more ways than they can guess!

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What one step are you willing to take today? Join us!