Avoided the Hospital

When I met Laura I had 3 autoimmune diseases and was barely able to work part-time. Without the information she provided I never would have found out that I also had celiac disease and would probably be in the hospital right now. 3 ½ years later I feel better than I have in the last decade!

—Shannon O.

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Recovering and Going to a Higher Level

Years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, an autoimmune disease, and took the endless medical journey with little results. I was desperately seeking to improve the quality of my life. I was tired! Two years ago Laura Combs walked into my life. Yes, walked into my life. She simply appeared. It seems that she can do that. Laura is passionate. Her burning passion is for all beings on this planet to live a healthy and happy life.

Laura is oh so wise on all levels of right living and will show you the steps. She cares! She and her phenomenal connections (they are licensed health care providers) who are people who embrace world healing, are there to support and guide. Trust them.

Laura is a listener but also a woman of action. Whether she’s helping with appointments, making a meal, sharing recipes, helping with food shopping, she is teaching with patience and understanding. She’s been there.

She is driven and determined on every level to make this journey joyous and healthy for all of us. Laura is a gem and oh, yes, the quality of my life has gone to a higher level thanks to Laura.

Continue what you do Laura—you are excellent at it.

—Valerie S.

Getting Started—Food to Heal

Dear Laura, you have been so wonderful to come into my home and help me for the past four days. Because of my medical issues, I have not been able to overcome by myself the dietary restrictions required. My body has not been cooperating with me, so I have been lethargic and overwhelmed. As a nurse myself, I am compliant to medical instructions as a rule. However the instructions to avoid gluten, dairy, sugar, and certain preservatives in my diet proved to be more then I could handle, so I was failing. Dr. Stocks recommended you to my husband, and we are so glad that he did.

You know how to get the job done! Now we have containers of nourishing soups, broths, stew, and other food to get us through for several weeks. I am hoping by the end of this, I will be able to do it myself. You encouraged me and showed me that this CAN be done! You and your family are living examples of this.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience, and talent with me. The food is wonderful that you made for us.

It is a journey, and I am thankful you are now a part of it!

—God Bless, Patti D.

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Living Better Than Ever

When I met Laura a year and a half ago, I was having various health issues, such as Chronic Fatigue, ADHD, eczema, and depression. I had started a gluten-free vegetarian diet, as well an elimination diet, to help my breast-fed baby with her eczema and impetigo, which had resulted from a recent course of antibiotics. My seven year old son was displaying more obvious ADHD symptoms, which I was just becoming aware of.

I was looking for information to help my family with these issues and Laura was my answer. Laura gave me such valuable information to begin my journey to good health. She gave me information about the Whole 30 diet and how gut health is at the root of many of these health problems. The information she sent helped me understand how food allergies, leaky gut, and diet contribute to poor health and how a Paleo lifestyle could help. She sent me excellent information from reputable sources, which guided me to understand what foods were causing reactions and why, she gave me inspiration to stay on course to continue gut healing when I felt like giving up, and gave me information about where to get good food locally.

Because of Laura’s guidance, I feel a lifelong cloud has been lifted off me and I’m achieving a level of health for me and my family that I didn’t know existed. It’s so hard in this society to weed through information and achieve good health, and I trust the information Laura has given me, because I have seen such amazing results by implementing it.

Laura is passionate and knowledgeable and I will always be grateful to her for helping my family achieve the level of health we are enjoying today.

—Shannan B.

On the Right Track

Laura is a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. I have been struggling with getting healthy and losing weight for over 15 years, but the weight just kept creeping up on me. Even though I read as much information as I could from many different sources and tried as many different diets as I could, I was continuing to feel bad and feel less energy.

Then I had a scare with a lump seen on my mammogram. It turned out okay, but after that, I consulted with Laura and she has given me some of the best information I’ve ever gotten. Everything she shared with me made perfect sense, and even more importantly, it works for me! I am a work in progress and sometimes stress gets the better of me, but my blood pressure has gone down, my weight has gone down, and my blood work continues to get better.

It took awhile to become the way I was, so I suppose it is just going to take a while to get to where I should be. But the most important part is that I am finally going in the right direction! Laura helped me realized that it is not all about lacking “will power”, but that what you eat can actually affect your cravings and your success.

Learning from the information Laura sent helped me realize that I also have to listen to my own body – that no one diet or expert can tell me exactly what is right for me. Between learning to listen and feel how my body reacts, and Laura sharing information that helps me understand what it means, life is so much better. Thank you Laura!

—Mary D.

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Keep Your Mind and Your Ears Open

I met Laura four years ago. Intimidating lady at first meet because of her knowledge and resources, but after sharing compelling information on health and wellness, I can confidently say she is a wealth of knowledge on all things health, mind and sometimes even soul. From the effectiveness of bone broth, to where to find the best eggs and even a little tapping advice, the information that Laura shares has made it easy for me to wrap my head around feeding my family, with only health, wellness and peace in mind.

You may find yourself plugging your ears to the information resources she shares, as it can be a complete change (for the better). My suggestion is to unplug those ears and let the good word be spread about proper eating and well-being.

—Jessica M.