We are living in a time when Americans are sicker than ever, and our kids are projected to be sicker than we are and have a shorter lifespan than we do.

Industrialized agriculture and industrialized food corporations are telling Americans that the foods that they produce are healthy, but in fact many of those foods are causing us to be sick and medicated. America’s medical and pharmaceutical industries provide us with medications that prop us up as we consume sickening foods. It’s a vicious cycle!

What is the number one rule for our family’s success in reclaiming and maintaining health? Keeping it simple.

Simplicity can be a very convoluted topic, ironically. I am touching on two points: Eat Real Food and Build Your Community.

  1.    Eat Real Food.

Our family largely eats at home, where we can throw a hamburger in a fry pan or reheat some homemade chicken soup when we are short on time. The ingredients we add to our food are single ingredient seasonings and sometimes fat to cook it in or increase its fat content.

We eat a significant amount of what we consider to be good fat: coconut oil, butter, tallow, and olive oil, and Ryan and I move into ketosis when fat becomes our largest calorie source (this has been a really great thing!) There are many medical-related articles and medical doctors promoting ketosis, with Dr. David Perlmutter being one of my favorites: Keep Yourself in Ketosis. More on Ryan’s and my ketosis experiences in an upcoming post.

Sugar, salt and fat combined are highly addictive. Be sure to read this article about former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler’s efforts to make Americans aware: David Kessler: Fat, Salt and Sugar Alter Brain Chemistry, Make Us Eat Junk Food.

The key is to keep food simple!

  1.    Build Your Community.

Your community helps your life become simpler by helping you find the healing foods bargains, alerting you to compelling ideas, research and more. This week, my community discussed these articles, which I am sharing with you:

  • Mark Hyman, MD wrote a good and reassuring article to help parents help their kids: What I Tell My Patients Who Want Their Kids To Eat Healthier. You will see some of the Kids Living Longer strategies in this article, but there are additional critical strategies in our eLearning program.
  • Sugar is a recurring theme at Kids Living Longer, and the New York Times broke a compelling story that might be of interest to those who are concerned about consuming healthy saturated fats: How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat. Basically one industry, which produces the deadliest “food” in America, bought leading Harvard researchers who ultimately promoted the deadly standard American diet (SAD). Take a look at this Colson video for inspiration to kick sugar to the curb: Say NO To Sugar! (With A Guest Appearance!)
  • For those struggling with weight-related health challenges, a lower carbohydrate diet can be very helpful. The New York Times presented this outstanding article, which shows how sick and disempowered Americans have become and how they can turn it around – and the answer is SIMPLE! Before You Spend $26,000 on Weight-Loss Surgery, Do This.

Change can be hard, especially when it comes to food and facing off against the industrial food and medical establishments who need you to consume their products in order to stay in business.

If you are ready to change now, Colson’s and my eLearning program, Small and Powerful Steps to Wellness, provides the information, tools and strategies our family used overcome addictive, health-destroying foods so that we feel better as we grow.

What one step are you willing to take today? Join us!

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