Colson Talks about the Health Journey

Colson is on a video making roll, so here is another.  Roll on, Colson! Be sure to give Colson a Like and a Subscribe when you view. Also, be sure to share it with a friend. Thank you and Happy Hormesis!  

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One Fundamental Rule – Small Steps

Colson and I have teamed up for video blogging so that you can get the parents’ and the kids’ views on a topic. The idea of small steps taking us to great places was an easy video to make, taking a concept that we all implement without even knowing it and discussing how if we [...]

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Soda Insanity!

Colson has produced another excellent video showing how kids can avoid the junk food madness and explaining why, so check out Soda Insanity! If you think you can’t raise a kid who doesn’t eat mainstream junk, Colson shows it really is possible to do so without resentment. Fortune Magazine has written about American soda consumption, [...]

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Cookie Chaos!

Think you know all about cookies? You are probably wrong. Cookie Chaos, which was researched, written, directed and edited by Colson, is so controversial that it was temporarily banned for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. The best we can figure is that the Community Guidelines enforcers had an initial knee-jerk reaction to the truth about cookies…or [...]

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Defeating the Growing Threats to Our Children

Fifty-four percent of America’s children have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, as of June 2011. That is over 40 million U.S. children who are suffering, and who knows how many more in other countries. Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona fears that this generation of kids (born 2000 or later) may be the [...]

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No Time for Dogmatism (Most of the Time)

Happy Spring! It is that time of year, almost like the New Year, when people are energized to “do right” for themselves. Time to eat right, exercise right and get out of our winter cocoons. Do it all at once and do it now. But where to begin? First, wherever you begin, I recommend keeping [...]

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Apple Cider Vinegar and Tummy Trouble

I have been using Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for almost 10 years for cooking, the occasional salad dressing or dip. It wasn’t until yesterday night, when my husband, Ryan, went down with some serious food poisoning that he caused due to thoughtless food handling (chicken salad he took for lunch and left unrefrigerated [...]

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Making New Memories with One Small Step

One small step, followed by another and another. This is how big changes are made, and lots of small steps lead to big changes. For my family, knowingly making these little steps first applied to changing the way that we eat, but now they have become central to our decision making and goal setting. Eight [...]

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Colson’s Thoughts on Fast Food

Last Saturday morning, Colson and I were on the way to the Durham Farmers Market, which is one of the top 10 farmers markets in the country. We drive 45 minutes at least once a month for some of the most amazing chicken, eggs and produce, along with some great talks with the farmers who [...]

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Starting the Healing Journey is Basic and Easier Than I Thought

The nine years that my family spent journeying toward a vibrant life has easily and greatly exceeded my expectations. People on the healing journey would talk about the significant health improvements they were experiencing, but I couldn’t really understand, as I was about to turn 40 and my health was seriously failing. I was of [...]

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