Nourishing Traditions-Based Chili Recipe

You can watch Colson’s cooking demonstration here: Another Week of Cooking | Episode 1 - Beef Chili! The original recipe is on page 433 of Nourishing Traditions. We have modified it to fit our family's preferences. Serves 8-12 – 3 pounds coarsely ground beef or lamb (we used ground turkey) – 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive [...]

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The Antidote to the Unaffordable Care Act

There are many families like mine who are unable to afford the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Families whose wage earners are contractors with no affordable employer-provided benefits. With more companies eliminating permanent positions and turning to contractors, reasonably priced employer-provided benefits are becoming scarce. Buying into the ACA on our own really isn’t an option, [...]

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Humanism from the Kitchen – A Recipe for Success

As I was walking our dog, Nelly, at 6:00 this morning, I was thinking about how Americans have strayed so far from real food, and now 70 percent are sick and medicated. What happened? It is a complex issue, and I am only going to follow one thread: distraction. Distraction is complex, so I will [...]

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The NUMBER ONE FOOD We Added to Our Diet

Bone Broth. Oh the delicious joy and amazing healing that you brought to our family of three! For instructions on how to make it, see this video of Colson, age 13, teaching: A Week of Cooking! | Episode 2 - Chicken Bone Broth! For our family, bone broth has: Phenomenally increased the deliciousness and health [...]

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Why Are More American Moms Dying in Childbirth?

Vox reports that More and more women are now dying in childbirth, but only in America. Stunning. And if more moms are dying, what is going to happen to their kids? First, why are moms dying? Scientists think it is chronic diseases. Which chronic diseases? Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. These diseases are tightly intertwined, [...]

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Cooking with Colson: Paleo Crackers!

Colson has begun a series of cooking videos to help people understand alternatives to the Standard American Diet. First up is a super simple cracker recipe that we modified from another recipe, which has only three ingredients. The biggest changes we made are replacing sunflower seeds with walnuts and adding herbs and salt. We find [...]

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Food Prep Travel Tips and Food Sensitivities

Colson and I were fortunate to recently take a car trip to St. Augustine, Florida and other parts of the state. Because we are super clean eaters and Colson has food sensitivities, we have to do some food prep, and because Colson is now older (13 years old!) he helps. Hooray! We thought that we [...]

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The Power of Community – Great Health Information

I wish I could take the credit for finding these great sources of information, but my friends found them and I am passing them on. This is the power of community: mutually supporting each other, sharing information to spur you on, helping one another when you stumble and celebrating when you succeed. I talk about [...]

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Where Does Your Family Fall in the Latest Health Indicator Survey?

For the latest on health indicators, take a look at this June 2016 Journal of the American Medical Association article: Trends in Obesity Among Adults in the United States, 2005 to 2014. Ladies, especially, it is not looking good. Where will our kids rank as they advance into the age group studied? Here is a [...]

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Small and Powerful Steps to Wellness eLearning – $15 and 10% Goes to Feeding Kids!

Colson and I put a lot of work and financial resources into creating our eLearning course. As we were setting our initial price we read a ton of marketing strategies, we test drove our initial price to a few markets, and we got some great feedback. While we are confident in the value we were [...]

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