We are Colson, Laura, and Ryan. Our holistic journey began in earnest when Colson was born almost 13 years ago. We couldn’t imagine feeding him typical American food (fast food, candy, sugary, tooth-rotting beverages, processed food), so it was time throw the Standard American Diet (SAD) under the bus. I (Laura) also couldn’t imagine Colson becoming the lethargic, sedentary, overweight television zombie I was as a child. To make matters worse, today the risks of electronic overexposure and addictions greatly exceed those of my childhood. The pushback we received on our lifestyle choices was significant for the first five or so years, but it was worth it. Both Ryan, my husband, and Colson have been supportive well beyond my hopes, with each of us taking the lead at different points in our journey.


Laura has climbed out of a failing body and a clouded mind to a place of energy and strength. The journey is contagious and she helps as many as she can to create an expectation for and path to wellness and vitality.

Laura says, “I like getting older. I like challenging myself, and I like smashing the paradigm that we must decline as we age.”

In addition to helping others improve their health, Laura homeschools Colson and dabbles in her other professional passion – helping citizens to quickly and effectively navigate through the maze of government agencies so that government will work for them, particularly in relation to health and environmental protection issues.


Ryan is the idea man. He started the family’s wellness journey by initially questioning certain standard health guidelines and procedures and suggesting that the family make changes. Laura would take those ideas, research them and use them to propel the family to greater places. Along the way, Ryan eliminated his ADHD and improved other aspects of his health.

Ryan is an innovator, educator and adventurer who leads the family to new challenges. When not working as an instructional designer, he helps with Colson’s homeschooling, enjoys woodworking and consults in team building and leadership.


Colson is amazing and Ryan and Laura cherish every day with him. His potentially life-threatening environmental allergies were the reason that we dove deeply into the healing journey. Fortunately, that threat prepared us for Colson’s next serious challenge five years later: Obsessive Thinking and Anxiety triggered by one food. Our therapist was concerned that Colson would need counseling for a number of years, and we were too, but we were able to get to the bottom of the problem in only five weeks by removing one food! It was a solution made easy by all of our years of researching healing foods and food triggers.

Part of Colson’s exceptional nature is his ability and willingness to reject the Standard American Diet and lifestyle. Instead of eating junk and being sick and medicated, he has embraced eating well and being healthy. Instead of playing hours of video games day after day, at age 12 Colson voluntarily unplugged his Wii and will be donating it to a senior center.

When Colson is not homeschooling, he is competitively fencing, working on his Quest to turn 13, and hanging out with family and friends.