Small and Powerful Steps to Wellness

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Let’s get right into it. There is so much we can do to grow the numbers of healthy kids…

Fifty-four percent of America’s children have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, as of June 2011. That is over 40 million U.S. children who are suffering, and who knows how many more in other countries.

Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona fears that this generation of kids (born 2000 or later) may be the first that is less healthy and has a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Talk about a profound human failing.

Almost 70 percent of Americans (children and adults) are sick and medicated.

These statistics are frightening and outrageous, and many believe there isn’t much we can do about them. They are wrong. It is time that we as parents take control of our health and the health of our kids. This isn’t easy, but the rewards are worth it. Most adults have been sick for so long that they don’t remember what feeling healthy feels like.

The good news: our bodies want to excel – they just need the chance – and that starts with changing what we eat. With every bite we eat, we literally determine how we will live.

Follow along with Kids Living Longer to learn about the tips and strategies that our family uses to heal all of us. By healing ourselves, we have laid the foundation for our son to excel.

Note that we are not making dietary recommendations for others to follow, just sharing the success strategies we developed. If you have concerns about your health or diet, you should contact a licensed health care practitioner.

Our eLearning Course

We have condensed our nine years of experience and research into a two-part multi-media eLearning course and a Quick Start Reference Guide. Part 1 provides many of the tools and methods that our family used to wrap our heads around the idea that we can create wellness. Part 2 is more specific, addressing distinct challenges and the strategies we used to overcome them. Total viewing time, including the video round-table discussion with our doctor and therapist and reviewing hyperlinks, is approximately 3 hours.

Here are the topics covered in each part of this course:

Part 1

1. Breaking away from the Standard American Diet and Lifestyle
2. The big picture of small steps or actions
3. Aging and feeling better
4. Teaching and empowering kids
5. Small food changes can yield big benefits
6. Inflammatory foods and healing foods
7. Resources and support to make changes
8. Ask questions
9. Research and take charge
10. Mistakes and forgiveness

Part 2

1. Implementing the tools in Part 1
2. Family case study of a child-related mental health challenge
3. Additional strategies and how we made them into games
4. A round-table discussion with our doctor of Oriental medicine and with Colson’s therapist
5. Success!

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Course Samples

Here are five segments of our eLearning course that will give you an idea of our message. We found our success through many small steps and hope that our discoveries, games and fun will inspire you!

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